Need a small, good interface for remote recording


I need a small, good sounding interface for a (remote) talent (who is using a mac-mini) with who I will need to connect regurarely through VST Connect pro.

I am a little confused about everything that is offered by Steinberg.
I would go for the newer UR-RT2 Rupert Neve unit, but I see that it is USB2, while the UR22C is USB3.

In short, I need a simple, good sounding unit for VST Connect Pro on a Mini-mac.

Anyone who has suggestions?


I do not think it will make much of a difference for this purpose between USB 2 and 3.

I have a UR-RT2, and a UR44c on hand here, if you’d like to test I’d be happy to help.

Hi Steve,

I’ll get back to you regarding the remote test.
Which one of both units would you choose for this purpose?
In terms of ease of use & quality?

Thanks for the help!

In my view they are equal as far as quality and ease of use, though the UR-C series has an updated UI that can be scaled, which seems like a pertinent difference.

edit – I don’t actually use a Mac these days, so I don’t actually know about the scaling in dspMixFX…