Need a special macro

Hi all,
I tried it but without success.

After opening a track, I want to automatically insert a special UAD-compressor-plugin in one free insert slot.

Wanted to shorten the process “open insert, searching for plugin, put plugin into slot”.

Is there any idea?

First thing that comes to mind would be to save the track with the uad plugin as a Track Preset.
Then, whenever, you want to load that track, do the function “Add Track using Track Preset”
You can find this function when rightclicking in the Track Header Area.
You can problaby assign this function to a key shortcut, so being faster.

Maybe in Cubase it’s possible to make a makro for choosing a Track Preset, that would speed up things even more.
But at the moment, i don’t know if thats possible.

Hope this helps ! :smiley:


Yes, this really helped me. Thank you, vanhaze3000.