Need a way to select instrument tracks that are connected to Stereo Out

It seems that PLE can’t see the audio output of an instrument track. When specified it refers to the instrument itself.
I would love to have the option to differentiate between the midi and the audio outputs in PLE.

Also, it seems like PLE sees instrument tracks and MIDI tracks as the same. Would be great to have two different properties, one for each.

Original post:
I’m trying to create a PLE preset that would select tracks based on their output name (specifically “Stereo Out”).
It works great with audio tracks and group tracks, but with instrument tracks, it seems as if PLE considers the “output” as the instrument itself and not the actual audio output of the track.

Is there a way to make PLE look at the audio target output instead of the track’s instrument?



How are you doing this? Can you provide an image of the PLE preset or upload the preset itself?

Something as simple as
Name | contains | Stereo Out |
function: Select

could do it…

You would assume so.
Just tried exactly that:

Selected everything outed to the Stereo Out except the instrument tracks (that are also routed to stereo out).
A bug I guess?

I would need to see the the actual preset to know. What you describe is not what I said.

Here’s the preset:

I’ve got a bunch of instrument tracks routed to Stereo Out, I hit apply and they don’t get selected.

I see what you’re saying.

I suppose the term Channel refers to actual channels, and as you observed the PLE sees the Instrument track as a channel due to its return being embedded within it.

I think a workaround would be needed… What comes after selecting the midi/instrument tracks in this workflow?

If we’re really getting into specifics the final result of what I’m trying to create is this:
Pre-process commands -

  • Select all tracks in a folder excluding, VCA and midi track. (with a pre-made logical editor)
  • Deselect any track that is not being sent to “Stereo Out” (that’s where I’m stuck at)
    And then PLE routs all remaining tracks to a preselected group track.

Basically, I want to create a one-button function that selects all the tracks in a folder that are being routed to “Stereo Out” and route those into a certain group/bus track I determine in PLE.

My current issues are:

  1. PLE can’t differentiate between midi and instrument tracks.
  2. PLE can’t see the actual audio routing of an instrument track.

But this seems like a PLE limitation.

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Yep. You’ve thought it through, I got nothin’ to add.

A solid feature (technical) request made from this might engage the devs.

Thank you so much for your help!

What would be the best way to make that feature request?

I got it started, you can edit the original post to improve clarity if you want.

Maybe I missed some kind of workaround – if so someone will gaily call me out and solve the problem! :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :smiley:


having the same exact issue and I think @BRVLN’s assessment is correct: PLE cannot differentiate between MIDI and Audio Tracks - PLE cannot see the audio routing of MIDI tracks.

Small correction,
PLE and differentiate between MIDI tracks and Instrument tracks.
And (like you said) also can’t see the audio output of an instrument track.


@BRVLN Are you able to edit the OP?

Just did.

Let me know if this looks about right.

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Here is the follow up :