Need a workaround for instruments and MIDI

I am so sick of the strangled route they introduced since C6,

I used to add many instruments to the rack and then create one midi file to control them all, thats what I need to happen.

NOW, I add instruments to the rack I get MIDI files that I will NOT use and I want just ONE MIDI file to control many instruments, why was this altered to be so counter productive ?

Anyway, I need a work around for this, how can I add instruments without MIDI tracks for each instrument appearing ?

If I delete the MIDI track, I delete the instrument, I don’t want MIDI tracks for each instrument, my playlist gets cluttered up with MIDI tracks im not going to use, it was so much easier when Cubase asked you do you want to create a midi track for this instrument.

Desperate need of help here before I open a vein.

Only workaround I have is to create a folder, dump the tracks im not using in that, and forget the, create a MIDI track and use that to control the multiple instruments. Keeps the playlist uncluttered and seems to work.

Thanks Steinberg for introducing these steps to strangle good workflow.

Can you explain more clearly? A midi track could only ever be routed to one midi port, so how did you have one midi track routed to multiple VST instruments? From what you wrote, It sounds like you are adding Instrument Tracks, not MIDI tracks.

How I used to do it in 6.5 was to add VST instruments to the rack F11, and each time you add one, Cubase used to ask “Do you want to add a MIDI track for this instrument” which I clicked no. Once I added the instruments, id create a MIDI track and use MIDI sends to control the multiple instruments from just the single input. I use a lot of layered synth sounds which require 2 or 3 VST’s , but I do not want three MIDI Tracks for them, I want just the one MIDI track, now when you do this in 9.5 , you add an instrument using F11, and it automatically creates the MIDI track for it, now that’s what im trying to stop happening, all I can do at the moment is dump all the MIDI tracks in a folder and create a single MIDI track and use it’s sends to control the instruments, but it’s really annoying having all this extra stuff to do for something that should be so simple. Beats me why they changed it.

Now i’m hoping that there is something i’m missing that I can turn off the automatic creation of the instrument/midi track for anything I add into the rack / F11, but I can’t find any answers.

So the issue is that you are not getting that dialog asking if you want to create a midi track?

Here, on 9.5 and 10 I do get the dialog when creating a Rack Instrument, and can hit cancel to stop the midi track from being added. So it does appear to be unchanged for earlier versions. IF you’re not getting that dialog, maybe use Safe-Start Mode (hold ctrl-alt-shift while Cubase is starting up) to see if corrupt prefs is the culprit.

If you use an Instrument track instead, a midi track is not created.

Also, there’s no reason you can’t simply delete the extra midi tracks, since they serve no purpose - no need to save them.

I’m not 100% sure if this is the preference you need but, look in the Cubase Preferences>VST>Plug-ins menu. There you will find the option “Create MIDI Track when Loading VSTi”. You probably want that to be set to “Always Ask” or “Never”.

Again, not sure if this will assist you. I hope it does. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

OK this is definitely not the case with me, I do not get asked if I want a MIDI channel when adding an instrument in the RACK, it just adds one.

And the MIDI tracks are not optional, if I delete the instrument track it deletes the instrument. Whatever the track is be it intrument / MIDI I cannot delete them, they remove the instrument.

As you said, if I use an instrument track, it creates a track for it, yeah, thats basically a MIDI track for it, if you delete it, it deletes the instrument. Now maybe you see the issue, I want to load instruments with NO tracks at all, then add my own MIDI track and assign them to that like in 6.5 but not now.

Thank you for the reply, but unfortunately this is already set, it is supposed to ask me for a MIDI track but it doesn’t. I think its a bug. It is currently set to Always Ask.

This means that you are adding Track Instrument Tracks and not Rack Instrument Tracks. So the ‘extra’ tracks are not Midi tracks, they are instrument tracks, which is why you lose the instrument when you delete it.

Have a look at

I concur, from the description it sounds like your adding instrument tracks and you want rack instruments. Your original workflow is still supported in current versions from what I can tell.

Personally, I prefer the instrument tracks these days, but have also used the flexibility afforded of the rack instrument approach from time to time, especially when using external physical rack instruments.

This would make sense but all I do is press F11 and click the small keyboard like icon, which is add instrument. I thought that was it. I’ll go and look around now, but this could be the reason I just need to learn what to add and not add.


OK I see the mistake i’m making, im clicking the small keyboard icon, I assumed it was a RACK instrument as F11 was alwasy the rack, but that’s an Instrument Track, I see on the right the place to add a RACK instrument, and it does ask me to add a MIDI track or not.

Its my bad for not seeing that. But tbh I hate the GUI of V9 so much from V6 , its my fault for not reading it properly.