Need absolute vst collection installation

I have purchased a USB key with some licenses like : Absolute Collection VSTi + DL , halion 5 and Cubase Artist 7.5 but without the installation CD , if you can help me to have them, i am from morocco

If you register your new eLicenser with Steinberg support (and you may well have already done this to be posting) you will be able to log in to your MySteinberg account & download the installers from there.
It’s the easiest & best way to do this, then you know you have the right versions.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your response
i have mysteinberg account and my Absolute VSTi collection DL+ is registred, but i don’t know where i find download
I have download a padshop pro and retrologue trial version, bus is limited to one month how to do plz help

Your purchased software product should be showing up on your “My Products” page. There is a button for “Downloads” there too. I would have thought that you would have received an email from Steinberg that provided the activations codes for your purchased software and links to where you can download the latest version of the elicencer control center and to download the software too.

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I can’t find software download in “My product” plz help

My best suggestion… contact Steinberg support and they should be able to help.