Need activation code resent

Hey guys ,
I need help with my interface UR44… I never really needed to download the free version of Cubase which came with my interface because I had apple computer and I was using Logic Pro but now I have a windows computer now and I am needing my activation code so I can download my free version of Cubase … I am needing this really badly because I only have this computer now and I have no software that I can use my interface with… I can not find the paperwork that came with my interface which I assume that’s where the activation code was.
So could you please re-send me the code which I am sure you guys have activation codes allocated for each interface and each individual serial number
The serial number of my UR44 is AEUZ01044
THERE is another serial number on top of that which is 4957812545877
So I don’t know which one is the correct one …
Please need assistance with this really badly
Thank you in advance

Hi and welcome,

This is user forum. I would recommend to ask Steinberg Support (or your local support) for an Activation Code.