Need advice: 64bit or 32bit Host ?

Hi all,
I’ll start a new PC to make some dedicate testing of N6 but I still hesitate between the 32bit and 64bit release of Nuendo to use under Win7 x64…

  • Most of my projects are pure audio tracks (no or very few VSTi) - so the ability to address more memory is not critical for me at this stage.
  • Most of the mandatory plugins that I use are VST 2.x 32 bit, in fact TC Powercore.
  • I need stability and reliability.

Do I have to stay in the old school: Win7 64bit - Nuendo 32bit or jump into the new one running Nuendo 64bit ?
Any experience running VSTBridge or jBridge with TC Powercore plugins and N6 ?
What if I install both 32 and 64bit host on the same machine versus the plugins 'some are 64bit only, some are 32bit only, others have both 32 and 64 bit version… ?
Any feedback, experience or recommandation are welcome.
I don’t want to waste my time to reinvent the wheel.


Knowing that TC Powercore is as dead as can be, you know that it is a dead end street.
Who knows how soon they will stop working in one of the next versions. (Nuendo or OS)
I’d say: go for the full 64bit and forget that 32bit ever existed. You won’t regret it.


I am back to 32 bits, unfortunately. I really depend on the Audioease Speakerphone plug that really misbehaves when bridged…
It misbaheves a lot in 32 bit as well (don’t get me started on the bypass/Bypass problem), but at least it will work it you know what not to do. I guess it’s good that AVID has finally released a 64 bit version of PT. It will finally push some of the slower plugin developers towards developing 64 bit plugs.

So, if you can find plugs to replace the TC stuff - as Fredo stated - I’d forget about the platform and go with 64 bit. But as we all know there’s always one…


I know that TC Powercore is a dead end but I invest (like many others) a lot of money in this plateform…

Anyway, what will be your best Powercore alternative in 64bit, at least for:
VSS3 - Stereo Source Reverb,
DVR2 - Digital Vintage,
UnWrap - Stereo to 5.1,
MD3 - Multiband Dynamics Mastering Package ?

the last one is the one that I use all the time… for the others TC Powercore plugins I own (not listed above) alternative are easy available


What is the problem that you are bumping into? We use Speakerphone & Altiverb all of the time in Nuendo 64bit?


If these plugins are as good as they are in the System6000, then you’ll have a hard time finding alternatives.
I feel your pain.


so back to the original question… :wink:

Take another (older) PC with a 32Bit system and a cheap sequencer and synchronize it with your DAW (64Bit) or connect it as a external effect maybe?

Ok, you loose your total recall in mix …

Since you’re not using vst instruments, I’d advise you to use the 64 bit os with Nuendo 32 bits. That way you can keep your Tc plugs.

Other solution is to try Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 on a separate 32 bits pc…

Thanks for your comment, I was also thinking about Vienna Ensemble Pro 5…
Sorry, but it sounds chinese to my ears (with all respect) that I do not understand how or what to do in practice…maybe I’m getting too old now…
I don’t really understand how to integrate an N6 64bit workstation and Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 with another 32bit workstation running as a slave with my Powercore 32bit plugins. Having a dedicated 32bit workstation for such usage is not an issue for me.
Anyone to give me a step by step setting procedure - with VSL advantages and drawbacks (latency, communication links, etc…) ?

Hello Bernard,

We have 2 separate DAWs. Both win7x64. Both running N6x64. One has a PowerCore PCImkII, the other has a PowerCore PCIeMKII. TC has 64bit drivers available through the Powercore Forum. We do not use jbridge, just using the stock Nuendo VST Bridge.

Both DAWs are very stable, running great, There are no issues running PowerCore. Also no problem passing projects between the two DAWs as both PowerCores have identical licenses including the ones you have. 64bit is very stable here with no problems running 32bit plugins under VST Bridge.

Nuendo is great

I had to go back to 32-bit, even using all allegedly 64-bit compatible plugins. My trials and tribulations are documented in other threads, but in a nutshell:

iZotope RX2’s spectral editor in combination with my UAD-2 Satellite led to misery. Crashing of the Satellite and other anomalous behavior.

Switched back to 32 and haven’t had a problem since. Am hoping UAD, iZotope and Steinberg ultimately figure it out, but will not go 64 until they do. Which is a bit of a drag, though not the end of the world.


Thanks for this feedback Fox
Good to hear, the easiest way is always better to me.

Same here - PoCo plugs behave well with the stock VSTBridge and Nuendo x64.

I did a TV series in N 5.5x 64 bit with 2 sessions à 5 episodes each. One episode is approx 30 min. long.
When automating Speakerphone via the plugin bridge I had a lot of problems with my rendered mix files. The timing of the automation was unfortunately all over the place.


Strange …
Did not see this before. But maybe it’s because we are re-recording our mix within Nuendo.
That being said, there are a few nasty bugs within Speakerphone that should have been solved long ago.
The dreaded double “bypass” automation-bug has been reported a few days after the release of Speakerphone.


I’m not familiar with TC Powercore, but as far as VE Pro 5 is concerned, you don’t even need a separate slave computer. VE Pro installs both 32 and 64bit servers on your Win7 64bit system. So if you choose to use VE Pro 5, here are the steps you should take to use your 32bit plugins in Nuendo 64bit:

  1. Open the VE Pro 32bit server, add a new instance, assign a name, then add an input (right click in the empty space and select “add input”). You can determine the number of available inputs per instance in the preferences area. By default it’s 4, but you can add many more.
  2. Right beneath the meter of the input you just created you read “no input”. Click on it and change that to IN1/IN2.
  3. Upwards you see “Effects” and there is a + sign to its right side. Click and select your desired 32bit plugin. The plugin’s GUI will appear where you can adjust settings. For now you’re done for a single 32bit plugin in VE pro.
  4. Open your Nuendo 64bit project. Open VST Instruments (Devices menu => VST Instruments, or F11) and load “Vienna Ensemble Pro” from the list.
  5. After the Vienna Ensemble Pro Server Interface window opens click connect and wait to see the instance you created and named in step one. Select it and click “Connect”.
  6. Select an audio track in Nuendo and go to inserts. From the list select Vienna Ensemble Pro Audio Input. Another window opens. Click on “Assign” and wait to see the same name you created in step 1. Select it and click “Assign”. Make sure that the audio input (above the assign button) is also set to IN1/IN2. That’s it, and you’re good to go.

You can create more inputs with different plugins and assign your audio tracks to them via setting different stereo input pairs (IN3/IN4 etc.)
These are the steps to help you try and see if VE Pro is suitable for you. More details in the VE Pro downloadable manual.
I use VE Pro and Nuendo everyday. Extremely stable connection. Automatic latency compensation. No drawbacks, except when a plugin starts to act up, which happens sometimes and has nothing to do with VE Pro. During the past 6 months of working almost everyday for long hours, it happened to me only once with the EastWest PLAY plugin.

Thanks ipanema, I’ll give a try…

TC just released another update (4.4.3) so the Powercore is going to live longer on the 64-bit platform.

Just considering VEP here. What actually are the latency implications when running a VSTi inside VEP? At present I can still use a MIDI keyboard within quite a busy project at 128 samples, sometimes have to disable plug-in compensation. How much more latency can I expect with VEP running on a second Mac, or on the main DAW? The DAW machine is a 6 core 3.3GHZ and the slave will be 2.8GHZ 8-core.