Need advice adjusting lopsided slurs above ties


I’m noticing a lot of slurs like these in my conductor’s score whose shape seems a little lopsided to the right and their left shoulders seem too close to the ties:

Does anyone have any recommendations to change these contours in Engraving Options? All my settings for slurs and ties are factory defaults with Dorico Pro 5.1.

I suppose the eye expects the slur arc to match better with the tie, but IMO this is too fine a point to worry about. It is clear that the tie and the slur are separate things, and that’s the important thing.

Anyone else have suggestions for settings?

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In a case like this, I think I might be tempted to have the slur join at the first note of the tie chain, even if it’s an exception (see Properties Panel).

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Both the first two are OK imho… (no Engraving intervention)

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