Need advice between two Mac models

As a “PC-guy” never concidering a Mac, I’ve no idea of what to expect from different Mac models.

I now got the opportunity to get a Mac for a very low price, but I have a dilemma.
I can choose between two different models.

  1. Mac Pro 3.1 with 2x2.8Ghz Quad Xeon, 2GB DDR2 800 memory
  2. Mac Pro 5.1 with 1x2.8Ghx Quad Xeon (nehelem), 3Gb DDR3 1066 memory.

Can anyone recommend one over another?

No1 is a bit older, with slower memory (dont mind the amount of Ram, that I’ll fix :slight_smile: ) but with 8 cores (2*Quad)
No2 is newer model with better memory, and I think better Proc ?, but only one Quad, 4 cores.

Which one should I get (can’t get both…) ?

Both have Snow Leopard

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option 2 for sure its the newest (present) MP and you can swap out the processor for a 6 core fairly easy.

option 1 has the much slower ram its FBDimm and ran very very hot and very slow…
FYI if you are paying more than $1700 for #2 let me know…

Thanks for the advice,

Wasn’t sure how two older quads with the same Ghz would compare to only one of the newer.
My instinct said “go for the newer” :slight_smile: (especially with the faster RAM)
Didn’t know I could replace the proc. Is it possible to put in the new 12 core maybe?

Shall be very interesting to see how it is working with the same applications on a different platform.


benchmarks here

the dual 2.8GHz are the X5440s i have benchmarks up for the 5430s (2.66GHz) the 2.8s are not much faster.
all present day single processors out perform them

@ 32 buffer they could only do 80RXC compressors even a single AMD 1090T out performs mush less the 920 (2.8GHz Nehalem in the newer) whcih gets 130 RXC.

so yes the single 2.8 newer… and the memory bandwith difference is huge 25MB/s vs like 8

Great :exclamation:

Really appreciate your support. Hopefully I can play around with the Mac Pro 5.1 this weekend :sunglasses:
(I’ll get it for under 800 from an closed down advertisement company I work with :stuck_out_tongue: )


Good deal, can you get your hands on another few? :sunglasses: