need advice for audio interface+headphones 200€ budget

hi friends!

i am looking for a very basic audio interface and headphones for home studio recording and production.
since it is just a hobby and my budget is pretty limited i would like to know what is the best i can get for around 200€.

for audio interfaces i have those 2 in mind (yet):

  • Steinberg UR22 ~139,-€
  • Presonus AudioBox ~139,-€

for headphones i have absolutely no clue what i am looking for when it comes to recording.

thanks in advance for any opinion

What kind of connectivity do you need on your audio interface? Will you be recording vocals, guitars, other instruments? Do you need phantom power for condensor mics?

Regarding Headphones:

At the moment i just need it as audio output and guitar/bass input!
Everything else i use is via USB.


But what are your longer term requirements? No point in purposly investing in obsolescence. Will you perhaps want to re-amp or use external effects later? Will you ever record vocals? Will you want to mic an amp at some point.
A minimal interface in the Steinberg/Yamaha family would be the UR22, or if you want future flexibility, perhaps the UR28M would suit you.

well i went with the UR22 now since i trust in steinberg and just need a very basic one for getting started.

Would be nice if someone could answer me a short OffTopic question (to not open a new thread for this)!
With the UR22 i got a “Cubase AI 7” license…Does it have more or less features than my already purchased Elements version?