Need advice how to make snaresamples

I have recorded a full drumset with plenty o microphones.

Now I want to make my own snaresample without the leakage and use it like You
Can do when using HITPOINTS and translate them to a MIDIinstrument so that it plays syncronized with the original drums/beat/tempo…

Does this make sense.?
When I, using HITPOINTS for the downbeat on the snare and make short clips they are to long, I want just the hit of the snare and get rid of the bleed/hihat …

How can I cut out just the piece I need?


I did it manually. Just placed the samples under the recorded snares. In Cubase you have in-place editor and option to move note\part to the cursour. So I created a MIDI clip and moved midi notes under recorder shots.

I tried trigger some MIDI plugin with an audio signal but that approach didn’t go well to me. And Cubase doesn’t have built in tools for this approach.

Here’s a quick video

Thanks but I dont think that thats what I am looking for…
Thanks anyway.

Hi, cut out your snare sample just like you want it, adjust fade out -> bounce selection -> drop that sample into groove agent and you’re done !
Now all you have to do is trigger that with midi extracted from the hitpoint detection of your original snare track.


Maybe you need this?

Thanks! Yannick, That was a good idea!
Thanks to you too Soundpeaks!

My pleasure, just keep in mind that if you want sample accurate timing, you have to quickly check every hitpoint of your original snare and manually move the ones that are waaaay off…it is very far from perfect :wink:
(see topics in the Cubase forum)


I Will… thanks again.