Need Advice, New PC NVMe SSD for All

I Have a New PC with Win10 OS and Cubase 10.5. it has 32Ram and Ryzen 3700x
I have 2 drives installed:
1TB NVMe M2 SSD drive
2TB regular SSD Drive.

The OS and all software including Cubase, Plugins, VST’s are installed on the 1TB NVMe M2 SSD drive.

My Dilemma is what’s better for gaining Best performance:

should I use the NVMe drive for all my projects, Audio Recordings and samples as well?
Or should I use the separate regular 2TB SSD for Audio recordings, samples And projects data ?
what are the performance advantages?
Which way will give the best performance?


My hunch is that technically the NVME will offer the “best performance”, but the question is “does it matter?”

If you aren’t running into a bottleneck then it won’t matter. I could think of situations where load times are reduced if you’re loading from nvme, and perhaps if you were to record like a million tracks at the same time, but outside of that I would think an SSD offers the bandwidth and read/write speeds necessary for most audio tasks.

If you have any old projects why not load one up on either drive and just try it out? See if you perceive a difference.

I guess the only thing I’d say is that if you expect to keep expanding your sample collection and think that your NVME at some point might get close to full then just use the regular drive for samples. I don’t work with samples so I have no idea how much data your collection will contain in the future. But that’s one thing to consider I think.

OK you say things that talk to my senses :slight_smile: that sounds like good advice,
I’ll Make some tests and check the Performance Tab for the best results.