Need advice on ADAT please

Hi everybody, I want to expand my set up and I believe the best way is by adding ADAT to my Fireface UFX interface. I don’t need more mic inputs, just more outboard gear! The question is, do I have to buy another interface? Or are there other pieces with just the ADAT ports?

Any recommendations? I know NOTHING about this.

In your case I would stick to ADAT.

It’s best (in my opinion) to keep your workflow within the RME environment. Other soundcards don’t work well together when hardware asio is involved.

The only downside as I see is the samplerate, while possible to get 96 or 192 Khz operations the channel count drops dramatically and not all ADAT extenders support this.

There are reasonable amount of devices available as ADAT extender, most of them are mic pre-amps.

Sometimes adding a mixer board to your setup makes you even more flexible, use a mixing board with busses or direct outs in case recording is handy.

Add a Behringer ADA8000, works flawlessly.

the AD8200 would be a better choice and a bit more expensive