Need advice on creating more unique sounds

I’ve been using the Virus Ti2 desktop synth since March, created sound effects, imitated percussion and acoustic instruments, but everything I make that sounds electronic sounds very basic. I’m wondering what I could possibly use to add a more unique element to the sounds I’m creating. I don’t know if I need some additive synth, or some effects pack, I’m sort of lost. Any ideas would help me out a lot.

(All I have at the moment for plugins is SoundToys Native Effects V4)

Aloha D,

Funny you should ask.
Recently Padshop has started my ‘sound creation’ juices aflowing again.

This ‘granular’ thang is new to me and I am
really enjoying mucking about with it.

I have been coming up with some kool and unique ‘soundscapes’ of which I am very proud.

If you don’t already have Padshop and you think you might want to give it a try,
there is a free trial version here:

Good Luck!

HTH (hope this helps)

I don’t even have the ‘Pro’ version. That’s how kool this plug is.

Try Bloom
by FXpansion…

Yeah that synth rocks!
Helped me with creativity too.

To op, imho. Just don’t buy too much “stuff”. In time when you master a synth, if there even is such a thing, youll be glad that you took your time. But yea padshop, granular, it’s easy to use, and fun as hell :sunglasses: