Need Advice on Halion Sonic

I am thinking of buying Halion Sonic, but before I take the plunge I am looking for advice.

My main requirement is for good quality general sounds like Pianos, Organs, Guitars, Brass etc. rather than synthesised sounds. I am used to Halion Sonic SE within Cubase 7, but just wondering if there is a better alternative that may be worth looking at. I’m not interested in creating the sounds just using the sounds available with some effects if necessary.


Hi Glen,

i upgraded to HALion Sonic last year. There are hundreds more sounds in the library. Its not too expensive and so i would recommend it.

However, the Grand Pianos are absolutely nowhere near the quality of The Grand 2 or 3 package.



Aloha G,

Also check out the Halion Sonic forum for
more user info on this product.

Don’t know if cost is an issue for you but
because I previously owned a Steinberg product called:
Halion Player, I was able to get HSonic as
an upgrade for $99.00 USD

Something to think about because at the $249.00
price there is some really nice 3rd party stuff out there.

Sampled stuff is selling cheaper these days.

Halion Sonic
The unit itself is solid as a stand alone as well as a plug.

With ton’s of editing and some really kool other features,
you can do tons of work with its ability to playback/
modify/edit MIDI files all on its own. No Cubase needed.

Lots o’ sounds including brass,pianos,basses,guitars etc.
The ‘mic’d’ upright bass sound is to my ears ‘killer’.

Also comes with many many many loops etc
and lots of ‘flex’ stuff that are IMHO surprising useful.
I didn’t that would happen. :slight_smile:

Lots more horn sounds from which to choose but
being an old tbn player I am very picky about brass
and I think ALL BRASS VSTI’s STINK; no matter who makes them.
But that’s just my opinion. :slight_smile:

The addition pianos are just that; additional and nice.
(I am currently researching piano sounds).
But as Paul posted, when it comes to killer pianos
you might want to look for something with more

HTH (hope this helps)

Many thanks guys it really sounds interesting.

I didn’t realise it could also be used as a stand alone unit, as you said Curteye that would be useful for messing around with midi files which I use for guitar practise.

Anyone know if the trial version on the Cubase 7 disc is the same as the full version, the licence is a bit cheaper at £160 instead of £200 ?


I agree with curteye…

I do think there are better pianos out there definitely but as a ‘general purpose’ workstation it’s pretty good and fairly intuitive to use.

If it’s the same version that came with v6 then yes it should be the full version… i think it’s cheaper because it’s not the boxed version, if you have it installed then run cubase and go to the ‘purchase full versions’ or something like that from the help menu iirc…

i would rate the HALion Sonic Grand Piano about the same as the Korg M1 Grand Piano in its factory state.

i thought the Grand 3 was stunningly amazing and the best i have ever heard !! i used the Trial version for some recordings.

Some of my Logic friends swear by the Synthogy Grand Pianos (though i have not heard them myself) :-

Yes, there are lots of very usable sounds and i would recommend upgrading if you are wanting something which is a good ‘all rounder’.

While the Brass sounds are not ground breaking there are plenty to play with and get you going.

Yup. IMHO very nice for bread and butter as well as electronic sounds. Layering sounds is super quick and the Flexphraser plus the C7 chord track …too much fun. :smiley: