Need Advice Understanding Control Room Setup

Hi Guys,

What I’m trying to do is set things up so that I can have my main stereo outs from cubase go to both my speakers AND my headphones - in such a way that I can mute the speakers and still hear the headphones.

Currently, I have output channels 1 & 2 of my RME (main stereo mix) going through a Furman signal router that’s in my rack and I have to get up, go over there, and turn a knob every time I want to switch between speakers and phones. Not too convenient.

But I have 8 outs on the RME so what I want to do is have outputs 1 & 2 be connected directly to my Genelec monitors and have outputs 3 & 4 connected directly to my Furman headphone distribution system.

Can’t seem to setup any scenario in cubase that allows me to mute the Main Stereo Outs signal to the speakers and still get Main Stereo Outs signal to the phones.

It’s both or neither, it seems. Tried all the options (i think) in the Control Room, but can’t stop the output going to the speakers and still have that same signal go to the the phones so that I can do headphone checks when mixing.

(Also tried to get the RME Matrix to do this, to no avail.)

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


If I understand your problem correctly…

Set up a “Headphone Channel” under the studio tab of your VST connections. Assign the outputs for the headphone channel to your outputs 3 & 4.

In Cubase 7, make sure you see the control room in the Mix console, and that it’s set to the “control room” tab (not the meter tab). There are power buttons for both the “control room” channel and the “headphones” channel. Those power buttons control those channels separately, so you can turn off one and still hear the other. To mute your speakers, simply turn the power button off for the control room channel. Your headphones will still be playing.

Of course, with the control room (depending on how you’re using it and what you have set up) you can send all kinds of different things besides the stereo mix through both the control room and the headphones channel (and they can be playing different things simultaneously) so you’ll also need to make sure that the input sources of both channels are set to “mix”. :slight_smile:

BTW, if you want a step by step explanation of all the control room can do, feel free to check out my youtube video series here:

Thanks very much!

I found that setting up a CR headphone out did nothing, I still was hearing the mains.

Now, I was doing this at the end of a 12hr day in the studio, so maybe brainy-not-worky so good…lol.

Will give it another shot today.



One more thing to check… I assume you’ve got your the monitor speakers attached to a “monitor” channel in the control room. (If this idea is new to you, I would again encourage you to check out my tutorials). You need to make sure that those same outputs (1 & 2) are not ALSO connected to your main stereo out in the outputs section. If they ARE you will indeed still hear your monitor speakers even if you mute/turn off the “control room” channel, since the stereo out itself will still be connected to the speakers.

In a normal control room implementation you would normally not need (or want) your main stereo output directly connected to your speakers. That’s what the “monitor” channels of the control room are for. In most cases, you would want the main stereo output “not connected” to anything, since that signal is being copied to the control room via the “mix” input source.

If you wanted to be safe, you can ensure that Cubase won’t ALLOW you to assign your interface’s outputs to multiple channels by going into the control room preferences and enabling “Exclusive Device ports for monitor channels” option.

Thanks, Scott! You’re the best, dude!

My mistake was not creating an output buss AND a monitor bus. Once I did that…piece of cake.

Now on to adding a second set of monitors. Should be a no-brainer now that I’ve watched your vids.

I commend you heartilly for creating those videos. I’m creating a mixing vid series myself and understand the value that they have in the community. But your vids on such an arcane topic are really, well, you should get a medal, let’s just say that…


(enjoy some tunes, Bro… )

Awesome! So glad I could help! Thanks for your kind words–really appreciated.

Many thanks for uploading/making me aware of these videos Scott - they are truly awesome and have been really helpful whilst making my 1st foray into using the control room - much appreciated! :sunglasses:

Best wishes,

Kat :slight_smile:

Again, so glad you’ve found them helpful. Really appreciate the feedback. I feel a bit like a self-serving shill every time I bring them up myself. :slight_smile:

Working on another set of tutorials on another somewhat under-represented side of Cubase as we speak.

Awesome - looking forward to the new tutorials Scott :slight_smile: