Need advice

Hi !
after continual probs with my BFD2, i may change to Addictive drums … anyone use this could give me a heads up … likes , dislikes , pros and cons ???
thanks :smiley:

Superior Drummer!

Oh, and you probably should have posted here …

i know … but i wanted to keep it c7 … the other forum may be from c4 too c7 …
but many thanks for your time and reply.
is that the toontracks thing ?? or am i thinking of easy drummer ???
anyhow i have had bfd since c5… it worked great until i changed my Os to 64 bit … but this is not why its got issues…
the main thing is it seems to be at the route of all my crashes also when it works stable it really works and is a formidable bit of kit…
the main bone of contention for me is very audible noise when offline bouncing or mixdown , export and so on … the cyms seem to get a bit fxed up :unamused:
its not an option to even think about letting it go… i guess if i where to use pro tools 10 this would not be an issue cos it could not export interlaced files and or export a mix down off line … this is why i use cubase and will continue to do so … if a vst /pluginn wont work with cubase then it has to go … thus my question …
cheers .

Yes, Superior Drummer is the “big brother” to EZdrummer - both Toontrack products.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?), I don’t have any experience with BFD so I can’t really give you any pros and cons. Same thing goes for Addictive Drums. I guess I’ve just been happy with Superior and haven’t had any need to go searching elsewhere for another drum program. Besides, I have so much money wrapped up in it along with a few expansion packs, MIDI packs, etc. I can’t stomach the thought of starting over.

The noise problem you say you are experiencing in your renders using BFD sounds interesting :confused: . Is this a known problem?

Anyway, no problems here so far with Superior and 7. I just thought I’d throw it out there as another option for you.

Maybe another BFD/Addictive user will chime in.

Try BFD Eco! I love it. Use it and addicitive drums. BFD is more raw and addictive more polished. Both have their advantage for different tasks.

thanks guys…

I run BFD, AD, Superior Drummer and Studio Drummer (Abbey Roads, etc.) all in 64-bit and don’t have this issue you’re having so it might just be a need to reinstall or update your version. Regarding Addictive, I’m a drummer and I believe you can get excellent results with any of them but AD really shines in the load times and CPU overhead mainly because of the sample type/compression used. The GUI is also very user-friendly.

Running BFD2 here fully 64Bit with no issues at all!!!

I looked at superior and addictive before i spent (quite a bit more) money on BFD2… after demoing all three i found BFD2 to be much more sophisticated than the other two but unfortunately it carries a much steeper learning curve too which i know has put more than a few people off.

Have you tried posting on the FZpansion forum yet? The mods over there are generally pretty rapid and only too please to help!

I have been using addictive for 2 years now and it is amazing my drummer loves it too and he has some amazing drums kits like DW he says it’s as close as your going to get to real drums. I have used it in many tracks and I have had drummers say what is the kit and how was it recorded. You can do a lot in the software like tweaking the sound putting comps on single sounds you get the overheads the room and you can also mix straight out of it to single audio tracks for more processing. I totally love it. The other drum box I use is Stylus RMX love this for all my hip hop and modern pop music. Those 2 alone can do so much.

again thanks ,
'i do have the latest update … and these noises are not exclusively due to 64 bit…
its just when i render the drum track(s) offline … the hi hats and or the cyms “squeak” a little :astonished:
however i will buy the AD anyway its gone down in price quite a bit … as far as sound is concerned i love the bfd that’s why i brought it after using bfd 1.5.
so now i know AD is c7 compatible i shall go shopping …
once again thank you very much for your time and thoughts … both have helped me lots

you do know about bfd2 offline render? click the word that says offline render. it will turn red. very easy to forget and a pain in the bum. they should make it go to that automatically when doing an OFFLINE RENDER! without it you will often get cymbals cutting off dead halfway etc.
p.s. I use bfd2 a lot, but also havd slate ssd. I don’t like slate sounds or interface or support. (bought it on a sale as a gamble). I just bought ez drummer and a couple of expansion packs. me and my clients find it excellent. i’m considering the upgrade to superior drummer. bfd2 can be made to sound as good, but takes a lot longer to mangle. ed

thnx Ed.
i will look into that …
obtw … do you know where i can find the drum maps … i cant find them anywhere on the dvd´s or in my steinberg dvd… i had them once but grrrrrr i forgot where they are . i know on the dvd somewhere but aaaaaaaaaaaagh…
another reason i will change to AD… :smiley: