Need an ensemble-overlap view aside from Galley View and Page View

When writing big symphonies directly from the full score, an ensemble-overlap view (with all instruments shown as non-transposed, non 8ve-shifted) overlapping string ensemble, brass ensemble, woodwind ensemble, and percussions (including harp and piano) together will surely help composer quickly troubleshoot harmony issues.

If having lack of this mode, one has to scroll the screen up-and-down. This process is distracting.

Furthermore, if Dorico can utilize those descriptions from Samuel Adler’s 3rd edition of his orchestration textbook, then I guess in this view (can be renamed as Diagnostic View) Dorico can show those notes with special alternative warn color (not red but pink, for instance) to tell users that those notes may be hardly articulated by its designated instrument player if he / she is an average-level player.

This warning can be rendered according to musical context (supposing that a wind / brass phrase may make the player running out of his / her breathe), and it does not have to be run realtime.

Thanks for the suggestion, Shiki. We have no current plans for anything like this, but adding assistive features of all kinds to help composers and arrangers is certainly our direction of travel.

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Thanks for your response.
Do you think that misusing the condensing features can achieve the same function as well? Though notes won’t articulate when being mouse-clicked in condensed score view.

No, I wouldn’t recommend trying to condense large numbers of instruments together, as you will end up with multiple unison noteheads and other similar things that will make the music harder to read.

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