Need attack and release offset in Global control of HALion Sonic Selection

Can HALion Sonic Selection have attack and release offset functions in global control? Just like microsonic is able to adjust attack and release. Without these two functions, it is really difficult to control the strength of the capsule and the length of the tail. Some instruments may have attack adjustment in the quick control of the timbre, but it would be uncomfortable to not generalize this feature.

Hi re_studio_rick,
If you have HALion on track 4 (or any other track) tap on Automation on the left of the screen and scroll down until you get to TRACK 4 INSTRUMENT, here you will find a load of parameters that can be changed to suit your needs, but remember this, if you change instrument in HALion and you have altered some parameters in Automation, they will automatically apply to this instrument change, you have to turn Automation off or delete any events you may have drawn in using the Pencil tool if you no longer need these changes.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply.
I found them in automation editor, and worked. But still wanna be graphical :joy: :joy: Hope it can be(Of course not have to be)

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