Need Batch Export Help

I hopefully will word this question correctly. I am doing a batch export on Cubase 7.03 to take to a studio where they use DP or Pro tools.
When exporting I select Batch Export Box. I am given Chose of

  • Group Channel
    FX Channel
    VST Channel
    Audio Channel

I am wondering if I should export both FX and Group Channels with VST and Audio channels?

Are the FX Channels (routed through sends in mixer) embedded in Audio/VST channels that I export already if so is there an advantage of exporting separate FX channels?
Hope I’ve been clear as brain is foggy today :slight_smile:


It really depends on on the architecture of you session and what you are trying to accomplish.

If you are exporting tracks to have the song mixed for example, I’d say that the more you give the engineer, the easier it will be for him/her to do the job. He can use individual tracks if needed to side chain elements in the mix ,trigger, replace, etc.

Group channels: might be vocal harmonies for example. Maybe you don’t want to print a number of them but are content with just a stereo group of vocal harmonies. Maybe one of your group is multi drum mics. In that case individual tracks might be what the engineer prefers. Or give him both.

Fx channels: If it is a reverb we are talking about, I’d export the FX channel to have that reverb printed. Maybe its a plugin that he doesn’t have in Pro Tools, but it is crucial for the song. It could be really anything that you cant live without.

I guess more options are better. Then again its up to you…you could just give him stems if appropriate.

I hope this helps.