Need Better Plan for using Multiple Hardware Drivers

I have been making some great headway in Cubase and I have a question about my Hardware.

Currently, to record an iGuitar via USB directly into the computer, I need to go to Cubase Change my device setup to use the ASIO4ALL driver instead of the MOTU Audio ASIO. I’ve set up the I/O for iGuitar USB for input and it records fine. For the OUTPUT…it is reading currently “not connected 1”.

Since 99% of my other uses are with the MOTU 896 and its associated driver, I need to go back after recording any of the iGuitar tracks and reset the driver to use the MOTU drivers in order to have any output from the iGuitar tracks.

While this works…it is time consuming and I can’t help but feel there is something I am missing in the setup of the iGuitar USB Bus

I hope I’ve explained it properly…Thanks AL

There is no better plan for using multiple drivers on a PC…the best solution is to avoid using multiple asio devices altogether
What does the iguitar usb out do that plugging the jack out to the Motu doesn’t??