Need Chart of Special Characters available


I use Cubase 6.5.4 and I do a lot of scoring work with it. I was hoping there was a chart showing all the special characters…e.g. é ç etc. Basically when entering text on a score and you need a special character like é the standard codes e.g. alt 130 on numeric keypad does not deliver the same character as when doing it from most windows applications…so…I was wondering if there’s a chart available for cubase that shows the full list of characters and how to access them…so far I’ve tried to ascertain this via Trial and error e.g. 1/2 is “alt 129” in cubase…another example is è is alt 138 in windows but seems to be alt 126 in cubase…looking for the chart for these. Too bad they’re not the same as those used in windows. :neutral_face:


Aloha c
and nice question.

And a Mac version of these ‘Special Characters’
might also be helpful to many Apple/Cubase users.