Need clarification between the Render/ Format and the MASTERSECTION

Hi all,
I’m a bit unsure of what’s going on between the Render Tab and the Resampling option in the MASTERSECTION.
My montage is currently at 96k/ 64-bit. I am wanting to Render it as 48/24-bit.

If the Render/ Format/ Audio file format is setting up for what the rendered file will be, does that mean I DON’T turn on the Resampling in the MASTERSECTION?
Does it hurt the process if it IS on.
I know the Dithering will be turned on in the MASTERSECTION. I don’t think that it has another place to apply it, other than the output of the MASTERRIG.
I assume you wouldn’t want it on in both places.
Maybe I’m answering my own question.
This is why I need clarification.
Thank you, in advance.

Setting the sample rate from the file format dialog is the easy but not recommended way because resampling happens at the very end of the chain.
It is better to use the Master Section’s sample rate option, followed by a limiter and dithering. These two processes don’t happen if you only use resampling from the file format dialog.