need "com.steinberg.VirtualGuitarist2.plist" file

finaly managed to install VG2 but it doestn see the content.

(reinstalled entire Mac OS from back up.
reinstalled VG2.
now VG2 standalone and plugin thru JbridgeM are working.

but, vg2 cant detect content folder because .plist file is missing! I reinstalled VG again and still no .plist file.)

can someone please end me “com.steinberg.VirtualGuitarist2.plist” file please

re-downloaded installer again, re-installed still no plist file…

and Steinberg support refuses to help because “software is too old”

I would be interested to know if you succeed in getting VG2 to run. I found that from C9 onwards it is not possible (Win10 Home 64). Not because it’s 32bit bridged but because C9 doesn’t seem to read the info on the dongle and throws VG2 out as unlicensed. (Shame on you Steinberg for deliberately killing software, with your name on it that I paid good money for!)

I have had to keep C8.5 on my system for longterm backward compatibility for this reason (also the regrettable loss of 32bit Prologue). On C8.5 the license reads fine and both VG2 and VB in old projects are recoverable, both 32bit and Jbridged 64bit versions, so it isn’t a bridging issue.

ps. I expect some keyboard warrior will post some poorly argued nonsense about moving with the times blah blah, ignore them.

Wish you luck!

Btw, I’m on Mac High Sierra, (recently moved). Was previously on win7 and VG2 was working perfectly even in C10.

Ok so I got the .plist file from one generous person,
Edited it per instruction, but still no content in VG2.
Plug-in opens up thru JbridgeM in cubase 10, and in standalone, but no content.

What can be the problem ?

Interested that you had it working in C10. I spent quite a lot of time with JBridge guy who was very helpful, we concluded that it wasn’t a bridging problem, purely a refusal to acknowledge the license. Steinberg’s help was laughably useless, a couple of pre typed paragraphs that missed the target completely. At that point I gave up.

Funny, I never really liked VG2 much, but it was used on so many projects even only as guides and they still pop up from time to time. I had a client just this week who wants to resurrect an unfinished album from 2007. Ten tracks all using VG2. I can’t use it in Cubase 9 onwards, I have to make any changes by jumping back and forth between versions and rendering. Ain’t nobody got time for that!