Need copy & paste envelopes in Backbone - plus an LFO

Appreciate the update to 1.1 - it’s a beast of a program.
Sure hope there’s a 1.2 out real soon with…
1 . The abiltiy to copy and paste envelopes… or am I missing something? For pitched, melodic sounds, I create vibrato by setting up a bipolar pitch envelope that is rather long and controlled by the mod wheel. I have to recreate this for each new voice I create. Be nice if I could save a complex envelope and apply it to another patch. The only workaround is to create a simple patch with a default sample that has this pitch envelope created and then I can drag a different sample onto the sample window. (have to rename the layer by saving it) I can’t drag and drop on the layer as it will clear the envelopes.
2. Sure be nice to have an LFO, particularly with regards to setting up vibrato control - see above.
3. Could you make the envelope icons any smaller…???
4. Got a strange problem in Cantabile with Backbone’s interface needing to be closed and reopened whenever I need to edit effects. Not saying that’s necessarily a Backbone problem.
5. Keep up the great work !

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