Need desperate help/ make halion patch midi

I recently purchased halion 4 and I am not able to create a a combination patch( several instruments). when I play for my church I need to be able to switch patches on the fly without the need to handle mouse on my computer.
please help…God bless.

There are several solutions:

  1. Load all the HALion Programs you play into different slots. The are all assigned to different midi channels, like Ch1, 2, 3, etc. OR to build combi programs, set the building programs to the same midi channel… they will sound layered.
    All you have to do is to change the MIDI channel you play on you keyboard.

  2. Load all your HALion Programs into the Program Table and change amongst them with MIDI Program Change messages.

  3. Also… to make things easier… learn what is possible using the layer structure of HALion and you can create basically unlimited combination instruments…

Anyway, you’ll need a MIDI controller that can handle these tasks at real-time performance

i use maudio keystation 99 midi controller, how can i assign the patches from the slot to play through different channels? not sure what you mean here. when i load patches on the slots they dont sound, unless its routed through master out.(hope i was clear in communicating sorry im a slow learner :confused:


Load e.g. some programs that creates a combi.
Set all thes programs A1 at the MIDI port icon in HALion 4 to layer them.
Load another new programs
Set all these to A2 at the MIDI port icon in HALion 4 to layer them.

Now following the guide below learn how to change fast from sending MIDI Ch 1 to 2, etc. Unfortunately, seems there is no fast way to change it in Keystation, but try this below, as the Keystation manual says how to accomplish this:

MIDI data from the keyboard can be sent on any of 16 MIDI Channels. However, certain MIDI devices and MIDI software applications require the keyboard to send data on a specified channel. If this is the case, you can change the channel the data is sent using the following method:
< Press the Advanced Functions button to engage Edit Mode.
< Press one of the 16 Channel keys from D1 to E3, according to the Channel that you need.
For example, if a device specifies that you need to send data on Channel 10, press the Advanced Functions button, and then key F2 to select Channel 10.
The Channel can also be assigned to the Octave “+” and “-” buttons. Once assigned, pressing “+” or “-” will increase or decrease the channel incrementally. When Channel 16 is reached and “+” is pressed, Channel 1 will be selected. If the Octave “+” and “-” keys are selected to vary the Channel, the lights above the buttons will not change, since it is not possible to have a Channel with a negative value. Pressing both the “+” and “-” buttons together will recall Channel 1.”

Mate, if you can not follow this, ask for a music shop personnel or a musician bro to show you how to make it.

I know its gonna take a few days to get this all figured out. thanks for your input and really appreciate it.
A quick question, If I cannot get this figured out after all the tryouts, can you please help me over the phone if you dont mind and I can Pay you for your help. I live in Colorado springs. Please let me know.

Regarding this matter, there is a solution. Halion 4 is a great performance tool and has the ability to load patches for your use live, with the stand alone player. To switch between patches you simply load all of your favorite patches in the Program pane. Place one of those programs in the Slot Rack. Assign the slot rack, single patch to your master controller’s midi channel (like A1). Go to the options. Then scroll down to the MIDI Controller section. Tick the box that says “Program Changes” so it turns blue. (Save AS…)Save this Multi Program as (whatever) so you can recall the set up later. Change patches on your controller, and you will see the stand alone player switch patches according to the list of patches you dragged into the program group. I wouildn’t worry about MSB LSB. I am using a Motif as a controller and I left those alone. The only problem I am having is finding a way to PreLoad the patches for quick live use.