Need empty staff below each system to show chords and rhythm for piano accompaniment

Hello all,

I’m currently working for a friend to create her arrangements (3 voices + piano accompaniment) in Dorico 4.2 Pro. I’m sure there is a way to do this, but I cannot figure out how to achieve this. How would I add an empty staff (best without any clef, meter or key) below the 3 singing voices?

I found out how to move the chords down using the Engrave mode, but heck… how do I create this? And is there a way to create those rhythmic symbols / slashes that she uses (she’s a trained Jazz Singer and Pianist) for the rhythms / lengths of those chords?


You can add a “sketch” staff under Setup. Just add a treble or bass staff, it doesn’t matter as you’re going to lose the clef anyway. In Write mode, change the clef to invisible. Using Alt+Enter makes elements local to that staff, so in that staff in the popover type a key sig of “open” and input it with Alt+Enter. Time Sig works the same way, and you can use “Hide Time Signature” in Properties. For the rhythmic notation, use a Slash Voice. I would suggest that the chords in the staff is just shorthand notation as there’s no room, but you can do that if you want. Personally I would put the slashes in the staff and chords above.


This I didn’t know. Thanks so much!

That’s a helpful suggestions. I’d have to play around with that and talk to my friend.

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