Need feedback on a progressive house tune =)


Any comments would be welcome! Feedback also. :smiley:
It’s my first electronic tune!

I listened on Ipad speakers first and had to listen again on studio speakers before commenting.Not much to criticize to me here ,sounds good.Are you playing these parts? On the Ipad speakers the claps at the ends of both sections stood out too much and it was still a bit too forward on studio speakers.Also if I were listening on the radio instead of watching a wave on SC I would have turned stations in the middle, thinking the song was over.

This has natural appeal to me as backing for an ad or such.

nice groove goin on there…some excellent sounds…production is good…It’s crying out for a vocal, middle pause is way too long and then you just repeat the beginning …I reckon it would be a much stronger song at 4 mins long, cheers, Kevin

Thank you so much for criticism! :slight_smile:
I’m currently working on mixing it all together better so I can then master it and I hope it will then sound great on both your iPad-speakers and monitors =)

Yes the middle part is just a repetition and I will make something else happen inbetween ! Thank you so much for the feedback I will really take it to heart. :smiley:

I’d really love to have someone sing to it… the intro before the “drop” would really love some vocals. Don’t know where to get that seeing I have nothing to record with! :frowning: any idea where I could perhaps find a singer to collab with? :smiley:

Is there not a music school anywhere near you ? put an ad in the paper or on the net, in your local shop, there’s always a way…you need a tune and lyrics first though don’t forget, good luck…Kevin

Agree with the others’ comments. Has a nice appeal to it. Good work! First try? Well done.