Need for an Option to 'Connect the preview bus to Control Room'

I recently discovered that when I am in a Sample Editor window, I have no sound in my headset.
I am using Control Room for controling my output, and when a set of monitor is activated and when I play audio from Sample Editor, I get sound and the ‘monitor’ managements features of the Control Room are Ok. But not the Phones’ features.
After a first post here, some great helper explained to me that there is a hidden ‘Preview bus’ inside Cubase and that all the editor windows are sending their audio output to it.
Then he kindly suggested that I activate, in Cubase Preferences, the one asking to use Phones for Preview .
Which I finally tempted, but I discovered that with this feature, if I now regain the audio in my Phones, I am loosing the active Monitors from Control Room : either the Control Room Monitors, either the Phone…
I would have prefered to have this Preview Bus correctly connected to the Control room with all its items so I could decide, from the Control Room, to activate or not Phones and/or Monitors.