Need for more sends / mix layers


The 4 sends limitation in the mixer is an issue for me, as I’d like to have 2 or 3 global effects and be able to provide an invidual mix to 3 or more musicians. 8 sends will be great, or maybe add some mix layers would be the perfect feature.

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You can add a Group Channel and use one of the sends to send there, then you habe 3 additional sends.

I’m afraid it doesn’t solve the problem… Adding Groups or adding Outs just do the same if we can’t have control of the individual mix for each musician. Maybe I missed something…

The only workaround I see is sending the main mix to every musician using groups, and then adding their own instrument to their group using just one send. Not ideal though.

You could add more Groups, one for each channel you want to send. Then you send from that channel to that Group, then you have the remaining 3 for sending to dedicated outs, and 4 more with the Group Channel. Not super convenient, but should work. We will check to implement more sends.

Ok, I got it ! I hope this heavy routing will not require too much RAM and CPU…

Thanks for this tip, and yes, more sends will still be nice ! … (or mix layers…)

It should not, it’s just passing audio along.

What you mean by that?

I mean layers as we can find in digital mixers. A main layer for FOH and monitor layers for each musician.

Hi all!
I agree with Jihem: more sends would be very appreciated (also to not over-complicate the routing). 8 should be enough to allow musician monitor managing for the majority of the bands.
It also would be very useful to have the possibility to manage these musician monitors from the VST Live Mods application, so every musician would be able to fine tune their monitors from their tablet.

Thanks for this fantastic application! :sunglasses:

All of this is in the making, 8 sends and iPad mixer control.


Wonderful! :star_struck:
So I can finally replace my Reaper live configuration with VST Live!

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