Need good Windows PDF/Printing app or driver

Windows 11 has been trying to modernize and simplify, and unfortunately the printing dialogs have dumbed down so much in the last update I’ve been unable to get a good print. I have a special HP 5225 large format printer that can do Part sizes, what I want to access is the HP driver configuration. I still can get to that through hitting “Extra Options” in the dumbed down printer dialog, but now it’s just settings and still gets you back to the dumbed down interface which still screws it up. tl/dr

Anyhow I thought Dorico had a “Print using System Dialog” but unfortunately is only on Mac is seems. Edge and Adobe Acrobat Reader are both terrible, Acrobat is buggy, slow and nag ware.

I just want to print using the old dialog, ideally from within Dorico, recommendations?

Here’s how you do it

Restore the Legacy Print Dialog in Windows 11

The old dialog is necessary because when the paper size and type, cassette and other settings are important this is now the only way to get access to them. Printers are picky about what the driver is asking for (e.g. paper weight) and what is in the printer, if they don’t match exactly you get a printer dance.

@dspreadbury maybe if a “Print via System Dialog” could be available in Windows as it is for Mac this would greatly help. The driver for Mac doesn’t suffice, it needs to be done in Windows and presently I have to do a lot of steps to get a print, by saving to disk, opening the PDF in another tool, bunch of clicks to get to the system dialog.

Just need to get to this

So I can access these specific settings

The part setting in particular is special, it’s 12x18 paper printed landscape, via manual feed only and folded.

Can’t you just click on Printer Properties? This is what I see…


The new dialog does give you access to the old settings, but not the ability to print from there. Changing anything in the old and printing from new print dialog doesn’t work, I think due to a conflict between the dumbed down settings and the old fine grained control settings. Further as pointed out in the article the Print Preview is broken for everything.

I haven’t tried printing from Dorico recently, but don’t have either of those issues with Word or Excel

Because you’re printing standard size paper with no special options. As I said printing scores and parts with specialty large format printers requires absolute control over the settings. I also print on heavy 120 acid free with a particular finish. The results are worth it, on the stand the sheet is indistinguishable from published, and it holds up. I use a couple workbooks I did daily as a warmup on the piano, they wear really well. But you have to get the settings just right.

Not to belabor the point, but I’ve also printed 4x6 cards, 13x19 posters, and rear feed sheets of labels.

You’re belaboring the point :grin: I’ll send you a stack of expensive large format bad prints I made you can use for scratch paper to prove it.


  • If a Print via System dialog button could be added that would simplify printing
  • Win 11 added a intermediate ‘easy’ simple settings interface before the old print dialog, but you can get to the settings portion of the old dialog
  • They also removed the “Print” button from the old dialog, you can only modify settings and go back to the new simplified
  • In some cases, but apparently not for wcreed in Word and Excel :grin:, you can get conflicts or other problems between the old and the new and a bad print
  • In all cases the new simplified dialog is unable to give you a print preview