Need Groove Agent 3 DVD to complete old work

Hi there

I need a copy of the Groove Agent 3 installation DVD to access some old work.

I have the license on my elicenser key, so it’s clear I own it.

I’ve searched everywhere online and there is nowhere that has this file.

Could someone share it to me, or will Steinberg give it to me?

I realise it’s not officially supported, but the reality is, people rely on older versions of software for important work. It’s kind of crazy if software that is necessary to access that older work just disappears!


I have sent you a PM.

In case anyone has this problem: Steinberg (or rather, Matthias, above) kindly sent me a link to download GA3.

I now have a new problem. I paid to upgrade to GA3. This includes GA4. But now GA4 will start, and GA3 won’t. Matthias was looking into it on Friday, which I’m really grateful for, but it’s Monday evening and no word back.

Groove Agent is great, Steinberg software is often pretty good, but really: I stopped using all Steinberg stuff, because of the dongle, and the copy protection obsession, that got in the way of just using it. It feels a bit ten years ago that I have to have a huge old fashioned USB dongle sticking out the side of my tiny laptop waiting to get knocked about, as it sits on my lap, just to make music on the move. I’m really disappointed that after coming back to give it another go, and pay for more Steinberg software again, the first thing that’s happened is I can’t use the software because of problems with eLicenser.

Hi Ben,

Please make sure that your eLicenser control center is up to date. Just click on maintenance to get the latest version.

If this doesn’t help, please delete your eLicenser control center from your system and reinstall it.

Are you already on Windows 10?

Are you using one of those old, huge eLicensers? If so maybe you should buy the current model, I heard some people were having issues with the old ones, but the current model is more reliable and that might fix your issue if updating the eLicenser Control Center doesn’t help. If you’re using a 64 bit DAW you’ll probably want to buy jBridge too. Try that before buying a new dongle.

By the way which DAW software are you using? Have you tried running the VST in another DAW? I use the 64 bit version of Cubase Pro 8 and I can run both GA3 and GA4 without issues, even if they’re both running at the same time.

After a long and time consuming palaver, uninstalling manually, clearing half a dozen hidden directories by hand because the elicenser uninstaller repeatedly crashed, it seems to work, for now.

I’m putting up with this for access to GA3 as I love it and need the audio for some old work I wanted to resuscitate. I don’t think I’ll ever use GA4, the eLicenser is too much hassle. Remembering to carry a big dongle around, or having my whole keyring out on a train table or my lap on a sofa etc, it’s clearly and ridiculously too much hassle. A real shame.

If anyone has any advice on versatile pattern based drum plugins with good audio, that don’t require big dongles, I’d love to hear of them! Or similarly interesting MIDI drum loop libraries. Once again, I feel really baffled that a company that imposes a few hours of work on a customer that gives them money for a fun piece of software, just to deal with the big 1990s dongle. I’ll never make this mistake again, Groove Agent is great but my time is worth more than this!