Need HalionOne in Cubase 6 to Finish Projects

I have to finish and remake some projects from cubase 5 which have alot of HalionONE tracks in it. Now in cubase 6 there’s no HlionOne, and I don’t remember the patches that I used.
Is there a way to install HalionONE into C6 or convert the tracks somehow?

You can install HalionOne from the additional content folder on your Cubase 6 DVD.

Here’s a knowledge base article on installing the patches:

unfortunately I lost my Cubase 6 Install DVD. (I even had to use demo version off Steinberg site to re-install cubase 6).
and there’s no download for HalionOne

Aloha T,

Why not just finish your projects in C5?

It is possible because I have C5/6/7 all running fine
on the same 'puter(s) (see sig)


All the content of Halion One is available in Halion Sonic SE, but you’d have to know the patchnames unfortunately.

Yes. I should had named all tracks according to HalionOne patch names…

True but some of the parameters may change.

I was using some drum sounds in HAO where if
I liked the sound of the drum but it was ringing a lil too much
I would close down the release function
in the ADSR section to tighten the sound.

When I got HASE the same sounds were there but
that parameter had now changed.
And I was not able to use the ADSR section in the same way.
(In defense, other parameters were now open that were not available before)

This was true on many of my (drum and other) sounds and
I did not get full control back again until I
got the full version of Halion Sonic.

But I guess they (Steiny) do stuff like that on purpose huh?

Good luck!

Hi there,

I don’t know if this will help, but you can find some useful information about HALionOne, as well as the link to download its installer on the following article: