need help activating cubase 10 artist

i upgraded my cubase 9 LE into cubase 10 artist
also i bought a USB lisence today from local shop
i cannot make the usb to be the key of cubase artist when putting my code on it
the code has be sent by email to me from steinberg
i have did all eLisence maintenance and i also registered USB licence on my account
“No products found on this eLicenser.”
it doesnt let me put my code in it
maybe because steinberg send me same code that i use for cubase LE ?
help me understand please what to do

I made it and i m happy
all i had to do was to reinstall cubase 9 LE and reactivate licences at my account !!!

after that the old cubase 9 LE licence goes automatically inside USB-licenser and i just upgrage it :slight_smile:
i m happy :slight_smile: