Need Help Adding Multiple MIDI Tracks And Linking Them to In

Hi guys,

I apologize for what I know is going to be a dumb question. I’ve done some googling but struggled to find an answer (that is in lamens terms)

I’m looking at doing some orchestral music on Cubase (Elements, version 9) after having purchased EastWest’s Symphonic Orchestra (Gold).

I’ve created an Instrument Track and added the EastWest’s “Play” VST into it. I then add multiple instruments and articulations into the VST as per the screenshot below:

But as you can see, the Play VST is only letting me link 16 instruments within the VST to MIDI tracks.

I’d like to add some more instruments, or at least, add more articulations of some of the instruments I like the sound of but I dont understand how I can accomplish this.

I’ve seen videos on YouTube where people have 30+ MIDI tracks or more. I dont understand how I would get more than 16 as when I go into Play (Not sure if its the same with something like Kontakt) I can only link up to 16 instruments to 16 MIDI tracks.

If I were to add another Instrument Track and add Play again, I only get 1-16 again so I assume if I add a different instrument from within the second instance of Play, it’ll just overwrite the first one I did?

Any help would be appreciated.


Make another instance of Play = Add another Instrument Track with Play.