Need help Alesis HD24 and Nuendo SYNCH

I want to transfer tracks from the hd24 to Nuendo via RME interface.
All tracks are appearing in the Nuendo inputs, I hit play on HD24 and Nuendo plays in synch BUT I cant figure out how to record the tracks as when I hit RECORD in Nuendo nothing happens.

EX select all tracks, make tracks ready to record, hit play on HD24… nuendo starts playing but nothing gets recorded

Any helP> Thanks

just found 2 days ago HD24Tools software and it was a great transfer! Just plug the disk on the PC/MAC and voila.

There is also the excellent Alesis FirePort.

I have a Fireport, the CAT5 transfer took literally forever.Wow the HD24/XR I have have not seen service for a while.

They had a few problems, vibration made them drop out in clubs where there was massive sub bass but I sorted this
by shockmounting drives/bays and putting a diagonal piece of perspex inside to break up standing waves in the case
and put PC silent acoustic foam on all the internal panels. It is a well know fault. Sound quality on the XR is second to none for live recording.

Are you sure you plugged outputs to inputs ?

When we track a live show, we rent this & the machine from FX Rentals, and the FirePort plugs into a USB slot…
Transfer is, well, USB2 speed…

There is a CAT 5 connection on the back of the machine (ethernet port)

Though it is 10/100.

It take around 9 hours to transfer overnight. :smiley:

I think you will find it is a firewire port, but you knew that, it was a typo I suspect.


It took me just some minutes to transfer all the songs to PC and open then on Nuendo!
All smoth as possible. Loved the HD24Tools as I’d never before needed to do this.


That’s been my experience too.