Need help asap. Support not responding

I have two issues I can not solve that have been rather detrimental to my work and have forced me out of Cubase. Support has not responded for the past 14 days, and I have scoured the internet for any information but found nothing that could help me.
This is my last hope, maybe someone can help me solve these issues.

The first one is some kind of “name clash” issue that suddenly turned up with my project files.
No matter what save file, be it back up, new save files, saving under new names or whatever, all the save files have now some kind of name clash issue. Example: (# Name clash 2024-04-19 0nnrbcC #) (# Name clash 2024-04-23 dj7j0qC #)
I am very meticulous about naming my projects, because I have a lot of them and these name clash issues came out of nowhere. The name clashes are happening in every save file even if I save under a new name. I do not understand this at all. This has started in Cubase 12 and I use windows 11.

The second issue is, I bought Cubase 13 hoping for a general update to the software would maybe solve the first issue and of course to use the new stuff that was added.
But I was mistaken, if anything I paid for a more broken version since I cannot use any third-party plugin anymore, Cubase 13 crashes on start of any project. And I mean any, it just crashes no matter which one is active/inactive
This has made Cubase unusable for me since I can’t use the tools I work with and I don’t have the time to troubleshoot senseless issues that just appear our of nowhere or shouldn’t be issues at all.
I really need help here, this was an extremely frustrating experience the past month and support not responding at all made it an even worse one.

Hello and welcome.

From this description it is not clear to me what you mean by “name clash”. Is Cubase not allowing you to enter a new file name when you do a “Save As…”?

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maybe this clarifies it, I have never seen this issue before, that’s why it is hard to explain.
It happens when I saved the file.
Thank you for asking and trying to help!

If Cubase crashes it produces crash dumps, please upload two or three of them, so someone can have a look at it.


I havent seen this either. It might derive from you ending file names on two digits. Maybe you can just add a character at the end, like an underscore “_”?

The dots are certainly the issue here. Don’t use dots in names of your projects because the part before the first dot can be considered as the file name. Therefore, 2024.01.cpr and 2024.02.cpr can constitute a name clash.

I never had the issue with dots before, why did suddenly start? also it happens with files without dots in the name I tested it. It can happen to any file in a folder. It does not matter if I save with a new name or old one.

The weirdest thing about it, it seems to have name clashes with save files from other folders. This makes even less sense…

edit: I checked, there is no file 2024-02-22. this seem to be dates?


Are you in Mac or Windows, please?

Isn’t there any other application (like any backup application) involved by any chance?

I am on windows 11. I use Proton Drive for backup of the PC. It copies my data into the cloud, could that be an issue and why if so?
Else I wouldnt know what application could be interacting with save files? I have a RME audio interface and totalmix.

Cubase 13.0.30 64bit2024.4.11 (1.8 MB)

This is an older one maybe someone can find out what the issue was?
I just reinstalled Cubase 13 for the 100th time and now I can start some projects without crashing. will be testing this out with different/bigger projects.
But it does not make sense to me in any way. Did Steinberg update Cubase13 with a more stable build?

Cubase 13.0.30 64bit2024.4.24 (1.5 MB)
Cubase 13.0.30 64bit2024.4.18 (883.3 KB)

here are two more

You have problems with some plugins. One is from Maschine and one from Replika




turning these off helped thank you!
I there a way to activate these again when the file is open without it crashing?

I don’t know, it might work and it also might not work.

What you can do as a first step is to check if there are more recent versions of your plugins. You can also get in touch with the vendors and ask them if they have a fix for this.

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Did you disable them in the VST Plug-in Manager? You can try to load the project and then enable them. Maybe the different loading order might help (if you are lucky).

Native Instruments are normally red hot with updates and fixes. Install or reinstall from Native Access without changing any of the default files paths and it should be fine.

All NI plugins working here on Win11 without issues.

I tried just deactivating them and then activating the track again but this does not work, it crashes Cubase.
I have not found a way to disable them in the Plug in Manager. The only thing I can toggle is the ASIO Guard button. I haven’t found out how to change the load order either.

It seems that the Maschine 2 and Cubase interoperability is bad for some time and Native Instruments Support is no help at all.
A buddy of mine has it even worse, when he installs Maschine 2 and opens it in cubase it crashes not only the DAW but his PC and gets a blue screen.
We both work with windows, maybe its worse in this OS

Every PC configuration is slightly different, but TBH NI plugins are one of the least troublesome on my Windows PC.

I think you may have to resort to uninstalling Maschine 2 through Windows Settings then check that everything is working in Cubase and ensure all your GPU and Audio Interface drivers are up to date.

Then use Native Access to install Maschine 2, open it first in standalone mode so it can update all the paths and extensions etc. then try a new, empty project in Cubase and add a new Maschine 2 track, load up a stock project and check that all is in order.

If everything is okay so far then it could be an old project causing issues?