Need help - audio related

Just two weeks ago my project worked fine and all is well.
Today i open up Cubase 11 without my usual audio driver, so switch to generic low latency, and for some reason there is no audio, so i spend hours fiddling with the inputs and outputs to make sure they are all connected and, nothing. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the whole app and, nothing changed. when i go on the only thing that is different is even when i press play there is no indication that there should be sound, basically on the mixer there is no sound bar, so its like it isnt even registing that the tracks make sound. I have just wasted an evening faffing around with this on christmas eve!
In other news, been considering swapping to Abelton, any advice?

Use you normal asio driver or if using the poor pc internal sound then use asio4all which can be downloaded

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If you are in Windows, be sure your audio interface is still there as your IO. If not check cables and maybe install drivers again.

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Thank you I’ll give that a look

I am in windows, thank you for your help.


Be sure your audio interface is listed under Input and Output.

If not you have hardware or driver issue.

Then Start Cubase - Studio - Studio Setup - Top of window both left and right be sure your interface is selected.

Now Studio - Audio Connections - Be sure you have Inputs and Outputs Connected. If you use Control Room - Be sure Outputs say “not connected” the go to Control Room Tab and set up or re-activate connections to outputs there.

Also you will not see any meter activity in Cubase until you get an audio driver working.