need help / bounce in place


I’m on cubase 8.5
I open kontakt. I open 16 instruments in kontakt. Then I create in kontakt an output for each instrument. So I have 16 audio outputs.

Once my composition finished. I select the containers from all tracks and I bounce in place.

My problem is simple. Instead of me with 16 audio tracks. I find myself with 256 audio tracks.
Each time 1 track that corresponds to one instrument followed by 15 audio tracks with nothing in it.

I would really like to find out where the problem comes from. But I did not succeed.

The cubase support service did not help me …

Thank you for your help.
Good jounrée

Hi and welcome,

This is an known issue. Cubase always exports all Audio Returns for every single track, because Cubase doesn’t know about the internal routing in the plug-in.

In this case is better to use Export Audio Mixdown with Channel Batch Export and Import into Audio Tracks back (automatically) after export.