Need Help! Cannot find the "Device" tab in Cubase Pro 9.5

I’m guessing that the “Device” tab is supposed to be between the “Transport” tab and “Workspace” tab, based on the pictures I see on the internet, presumably Cubase Pro 9 (not 9.5). I cannot find it on my current screen at where it should be. If it is hidden somewhere, where can I find it? Please advise.

I’m looking for the Device tab because I current cannot hear any of my tracks in Cubase Pro 9.5. I see my input from MIDI keyboard and the Audio Activity shows that it’s tracking the sounds. However, when I hit play, there is no sound coming out from my laptop/headphones. Any ideas on what I could have missed?

Thank you in advance!

Not sure what exactly you are looking for but, the menus that were previously in “Devices” are now in “Studio”.

Regards :sunglasses:

Read the manual, now under the new Studio Menu
Audio Connections: Audio Connections Window
Studio Setup: ASIO Driver Setup