Need help!! Can't find linear and musical mode button


Im in Thailand and Im very new on Cubase. Just bought Elements yesterday. I tried to do some film scoring but I can’t switch between Musical Mode and Linear Mode. So when I changed tempo using Tempo Track. All the Markers and the events( Dont know if I use the right word, I used to called Regions) moved too.

Anyway, I think this feature dosent exist in Elements. Im wondering if there any other way to do this or do I have to upgrade? If I have to upgrade, does the Artist has this one or It is only available on the Pro.

And I also have another question about Waves plugin, I recorded some live performance. 24 mono channels. I was trying to mix it, using Waves plugins. I selected some EQs (mono) but the crazy thing is when I do anything on the plugins like Lowcut or adjusting frequecies, it sounded like it was panned and phase cancelling. So I changed thte plugins to Stereo and it worked fine. Any suggestion, what did I do wrong? How do I fix this? If its like 5-6 plugins, it would be okay but if I have to used a lot more plugins then this might not be the best solution, right?

Thank you for any suggestion.

Hi and welcome,

You are right, this feature is not part of Cubase Elements, and there is no way around. Update to higher derivative, please.