Need help! Can't get sound from Cubase via headphones in Line6 UX2

I’m new to Cubase, and need your help. I’m running Cubase LE 10, version 10.0.60 Build 396 on a Lenovo PC laptop. I have a Line6 UX2 connected via USB.

The UX2 is working fine, and I can hear the input in my headphones connected to the UX2 “Phones” output jack. I can also listen to any other PC sound via the UX2 headphones, such as YouTube videos.

However, I can’t hear anything in Cubase. I can see tracks playing, and the monitor volume meter is moving, so something is playing. But the headphones are silent. The Studio/Audio Connections/Outputs in Cubase LE 10 is showing the ASIO UX2 drivers in use, and stereo output via Output 1 (L) and Output 2 ® active.

I’ve made sure all tracks in the Cubase project is unmuted, and tried toggling Monitor on/off. I’ve also tried connecting my headphones to the Analog Out ports from the UX2, but still silence.

Any thoughts on what I can do? (Please remember I’m new to Cubase, so I kindly ask you to be thorough in any explanations on what settings I could try to alter.)

The most common cause of this is folks not using an ASIO driver, but you are using one.

Lets remove anything related to audio input & focus on the output.

  1. Create a new Project with 1 Audio Track routed to Stereo Out (the default)
  2. Use the Media Bay to find an audio file (anything) and drag it onto your Audio Track
  3. Now when you play this you should see the Meters move on both your Audio Track & Stereo Out
  4. If you don’t then it is some kind of config issue in Cubase, if you do (most likely) then it the communication between Cubase and your interface.

Can you please post a screenshot of you Audio Connections Output tab (FYI mine shows not connected because I use Control Room). And also the Studio Setup pages for Audio System and UX2 (where mine shows ASIO Fireface)

As someone who has been using Line 6 audio interfaces (including UX2s) with various Releases of Cubase for longer than I care to admit, I’ve found the combination of the two to be extremely reliable over the years (despite a few minor quirks).

However, I’m a little confused as to how you know your UX2 is working properly without any reference to the software provided by Line 6 for use with their audio interfaces e.g., Gear Box, Amp Farm, etc., as these applications control your audio paths, monitor levels, mix levels, etc., etc., when working with a multi audio I/O interface (e.g., UX2) and a contemporary DAW (e.g., Cubase).

Off the top of my head, I’d advise that you start the software (or download it, if you don’t have it), then check your signal paths and levels.