Need help concerning the meaning of this warning popup

I followed the documentation to remove all warp markers I had added on a track : in freewarp mode, after selecting all the audio track content, I click on ALT and clicked in the selection.
Then I get this popup

What is the exact meaning of this warning ? For each options ?

I must say I already encountered it and adopted either continue, either New version without seing and understanding its implications ???

You have multiple Events that share the same file. This is the case when you duplicate the Event and when you split it.

When you use processing like AudioWarp and VariAudio, the data is used for the whole Clip (the file), it is shared between all these Events that come from the same Clip.

That pop-up will show when you have previously edited your Event, have duplicated or split it, then tried to adjust the settings on the new one.
If you press New Version, all Events from that same Clip can have different settings and will be processed separately, but this uses a bit more RAM and CPU.
And, if you press Continue, you agree that the change will also occur on all other Events.


Thank you, the continue option is not totally clear for me.
Let’s take a small example : I have a clip and split it, then on the left part I start adding free warp markers.
I get this

If I use continue, I get again and again this popup, why not only one time ???

And now let’s says that before starting the warp markers addition, I simply delete the right part.
If then I start adding warp markers I do not get this popup … but I get the unfamous warning “Real time algorithm has been deactivated…”
Why ???
This last point seems to be a bug ?

The pop-up will appear multiple times as long as you click Continue, because this is a warning.
You can basically choose the default behavior in Preferences, and this is what happens when you check “Please don’t ask again.” before going through either option.

Let me explain better. When you Split an Event into multiple Events (like you did in your screenshots), all it does is duplicating the Event and resizing it, but if you resize these new smaller Events, you can revert them to their original length :

split event

When you Warp one of the Events, it also applies to the others, but, since you have split the Events into small part, you can’t see the changes because it is hidden in the resized part. As long as you press Continue, it keeps affecting the other Events :

split event warp

And as for the “Real time algorithm has been deactivated” message, this isn’t a bug, it’s simply because the pitch or stretch factor lies outside the limits, as the message tells. The stretching or squeezing is probably too much for the algorithm to work properly, so it turns off.

I simply added the same warp marker as in the first screenshot, and it is only one warp marker without moving it, so how could pitch or stretch factor could lie outside the limits (limits which seem to be as obscure as a black hole :wink: ).
Why the warning in 2 and not in 1 ???

Resize your Event to reveal left and right parts, maybe there’s two markers too close to each other…

There are no other markers, it is the first and only one I aded on this track.

For sure just revert you Event to full size.

I did it.

Then delete the left or right marker and see if it’s better.

I am no more on my Cubase computer, I will try tomorrow, but on your side if you repeat my steps (split, delete right, add warp marker) , have you the warning ?

No I don’t, please double check everything, there’s most probably something wrong with your markers.

I must add that I have 6 tracks, recorded in same session, in a folder and am using the “=” feature to apply same commands to all of them.

I spent lot of time trying free warp and this is not the only problem I encountered.
Another one is the impossibility to delete several warp markers by doing a rectangle selection and using ALT+Click (as explained in the doc)
The feature is not 100% safe.

This morning I checked everything concerning this clip and can’t find any problem with warp markers.
The differnce with your example is that I have cut it left, deleted the left part, before cuting right and delete the right part. Then as soon as I try to simply click to put a first warp marker, I get the “Real time algorithm has been deactivated…”

If I expand the clip to its full length left and right and zoom to a very high level, selecting Free warp tool, I can’t see any warp markers but on the left and right extremities, and these I can’t delete (is it normal ?). Nothing which could mean too small ratio justifying the warning.

For me it is a bug.

Is Group Editing active when this happens ?
My guess is that it’s still trying to affect other Events. Try clicking markers on other Events and see if the message shows again. I’m sure you’ll find the problem.

And yes, it’s normal that start and end markers cannot be removed. If they weren’t there, the audio would slide outside of the Event when moving the first marker. It needs two markers to compress or stretch the time.