Need help configuring midi controller

Okay, I just got my first midi controller for Cubase 5, and have some questions. I’m in Windows 7, running Cubase 5 64-bit. The midi controller is an older one, M-Audio Keystudio 25, connected via usb… the cable is about six feet long…

First, when I created the controller in Cubase, I couldn’t find one for this keyboard, so I used the GM setup. Is that okay, or do I need to do something different? If so, what?

It works as is, though the latency is a bit much for me. Any way to reduce the latency so the sounds happen when I press the keys… instead of some noticable fraction of a second later? With this lag, I’m not sure how I can add a new part to an existing arrangement.

Finally, I can’t figure out how to define the programmable controls. The keyboard has eight 8 and 8 buttons that are supposed to be programmable, but I can’t figure out how to tell Cubase what each one of them should mean. Any help would be appreciated.


It might be helpful to install the M-Audio Usb Midi Series driver if you haven’t
Since they don’t seem to have a Cubase Direct link for Keystation, i guess
GM Setup is your best friend. About the latency, you’d have to provide info
about your soundcard/asio driver and the buffer size you use.

I fixed the latency issue by switching to the “Generic low latency ASIO driver.” I didn’t see anywhere to set buffer size to affect the latency values.

So, I guess the ony issue remaining is how to configure the programmable controls in Cubase so I can use them to enter CC data. Any suggestions?

Generic Remote is your friend.

Okay, I found the write-up in the manual for generic remote. Pretty cool. I’ve got the midi keyboard controlling volume levels for various things in Cubase (main, selected track, etc). I haven’t been able yet, however, to figure out how to use one of the knobs to send CC data. For example, I want to configure one knob to send mod data, CC11. How to do this?

Check out the learn function in GR.

I have that much figured out. The learn function lets me select which control on the midi keyboard is being used… I got that. But on the BOTTOM grid, what do I do to assign that control to make Cubase interpret that as CC11 data? Or CC5, even? Whichever value, I can’t figure out how to do this.

Ok, check out Quick Controls. Load a VSTi in the rack and select it as the output of a MIDI track. Click on QC in the Inspector. It has a learn function like GR.

Let me look at that, and I’ll get back to you as to whether or not it worked. Thanks for the advice, by the way.