Need help connecting my Ur44C to my iphone

I recently bought a UR44C audio interface, loving it so far.
I use it in my home studio, but for a future project I’m looking to take it outside to record a live music video (something like this - (Lizzy Mcalpine - I knew (live) on Youtube).
I will usually have 3 inputs plugged - my sm7b at 1 (through a fathead preamp) which requires phantom power, and my piano as a stereo input on 3&4.

I don’t have a laptop and I wouldn’t be able to take my PC outside, so I plan on recording through my phone. I bought this adapter through amazon:

I use the original cable that came with the audio interface, and plug it straight to my phone.
it just… doesn’t work that well.
Sometimes nothing happens. the usb light on the UR44C just keeps blinking as if it wasn’t plugged in at all.
Other times - it works for a while (a few minutes at most) and then stops working. the USB light is still on and not blinking, but the DspMixFx says “failed to access UR”. cubase LE does not work as well (play button doesn’t do anything, so can’t record, listen).

Also, this happens with or without a charger also plugged into the adapter (with the original apple charger and with a USB-lightning cable bought off of amazon).

Would love some support on that! is this a problem with the audio interface? the cable? the adapter - or maybe my iPhone itself?

Thanks so much in advance - I appreciate everyone who read so far.

Assuming everything else is working properly, I would suppose that that adapter is not really the equivalent of the Apple product for which it substitutes.

But there’s something confusing to me in what you’re saying. Look at p. 15 of this guide: where it says the correct cable is the

USB-C charge cable in the Apple product box.


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Notice the last comment about " […] may not work if current over 500mA […] ", that’s only 2.5W of power for a std 5V USB.


The UR44C specs up to 7.5W is needed… unlikely to really need that much, but 2.5W may be too low.

You might have better luck with an Apple-branded adapter; maybe not.

I’m using a powered USB-C hub from Anker in a similar scenario with an iPad, and it works fine.

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And he mentioned that he uses a charger on the adapter… maybe still not enough power.

I would recommend a Yamaha PA-150B (or something similar) as power supply.
This is mentioned on the UR44C website as well.

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I forgot to specify - this was all when the audio interface was plugged to the electricity normally using its original power supply and powered through it, and not usb!

That makes it difficult to narrow down the origin of the issue… but I would think that the adapter isn’t compatible.

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Thank you - I will wait for more answers but I’ll probably get a new one from apple and see what it does :slight_smile:

Then make sure you flip the power switch in the back to the right position


If you did already… then it really looks like a faulty adapter. You could try plugging something else in the USB port, like a thumb drive or midi keyboard, and run some tests.

Also make sure the lightning conn. in your phone is clean… I had issues once because of pocket lint stuck into the iphone connector… :upside_down_face:

I was already using the correct power supply - thanks a lot! I will definitely try the midi keyboard and to clean the port. I appreciate it :slight_smile: