Need help converting and exporting my stereo tracks to 5.1 - Cubase 10.5 Pro


So I’m in a bit of a pickle. I’m scoring a short film and the director asked if I could deliver the music in 5.1. “Sure, no problem!” I said. Even though I’ve never done it before. I’ve always just send stereo master tracks to the post house, who upconvert it which I thought I’d be able to do. …

Wrong! I’m struggling with it and just can’t seem to figure it all out. In over my head!

I’m running Cubase 10.5 Pro so I’m able to add a 5.1 bus. Also purchased Waves UM226 which converts stereo to surround. But when I come to export, the tracks are empty.

If anyone out there could help this idiot, give me a step by step guide before I just pay someone to do this for me, that’d be great.

Phil C