Need Help! Cubase 7.5.30 fresh instal (VST Sounds, Plagins m

Hi All,
I just reinstalled Cubase 7.5.3 on my new machine and i’ve got a dilemma…
Is there someone who can help?
I need to reinstall all my purchased steinberg vst sounds and plugins as Groove Agent 4, HALion 4.x, the grand 3 SE etc. but there is no download links for kits to this plugins on the steinberg web site and also in My Steinberg account…
I have registered all my purchases, it’s showed in My Steinberg purchased section but ther is no link for re-download…

Sistem: 27 inch iMac mid 2011, MAC OS X 10.9…

I need to reinstal this,
Missing plugins and sounds:
1.The Grand SE 3.x
2.VST Sound Loop Set Progressive House
3. Wavelab Elements 7
4.VST Sound Loop Set Minimal Sessions
5. Hypnotic Dance VST S.I. set
6. VST Sound Loop Set Dubstep
7. VST Sound Loop Set Electornic Mode
8. ElekDrums VST Sound Instrument set
9. HALion 4.x
10. HALion Symphonic Orchestra 1.x
11. Groove agent 4.x

Please advise.

Hi There

Just moved a complete install myself and found everything here on the main site -

Some of the items are under different groups there apart from the main Cubase one, so have a hunt around. As long as you have a valid licence on the USB licenser and rerun the maintenance after downloads it should all work just fine.

Hope you have a good bandwidth!



Hi DaveP,

Thanks, i’ll try