Need help: Cubase 7 - Steinberg CI2+ - Motif XF8 Setup


I have a Motif XF8 which I’m trying to connect to Cubase 7 via the Steinberg CI2+ interface. I am running everything on a MacBook Pro: OS X 10.8.4. My Motif firmware is version 1.30 and I have downloaded and installed the latest CI2+ driver, with my Yamaha Steinberg USB driver showing 1.8.3. After getting no response to my question on the motifator forums, I decided I would post here, as well - particularly as this is probably more a Steinberg/Cubase issue than a Yamaha/Motif issue.

Having located previous posts and screenshots for port setups in the motifator forums, I’m pretty convinced that something is going wrong in my Device Setup - Midi Ports where rather than seeing my Motif listed for all Ports 1-4 in the I/O sections, I am instead seeing my Steinberg CI2+ listed in Port 1 with YAMAHA MOTIF XF 8 then also listing below this as Port 1 and then also Ports 2 & 3 (so no Port 4 appearing at all). As this really doesn’t correspond to instructions I’ve seen, I believe this might be the root of my problem, but I don’t see how I can change these settings (edit/modify/add ports, etc.).

So far as I can tell, my VST Connections appear to be setup correctly with both my Inputs and Outputs tabs showing a stereo bus to my CI2+.

Ultimately, my intention is to use the VST module within Cubase and in that I have attempted to setup both the USB ports and the VSTi audio routing ports but the usual setup seems to call for a Port 4 for the former and the latter only lists my CI2+ for L/R.

Perhaps some of my settings are correct and others not, but after going back and forth trying to change things, I still can’t seem to get things to work correctly. I am attaching a jpg pastiche of my key Cubase settings (hopefully the image/settings are visible). I would appreciate any advice to get me started.

Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions.

So this is really just my issue? No one at Steinberg has any advice on how to connect Steinberg CI2+ interface and Cubase 7 - especially when I’m working with a Yamaha Motif???

Looking at your screen shots it looks like your outputs and inputs are the same?

On other soundcards including the steinberg ur824 there is usually a descriptive input or output identifier listed before the soundcard make i.e. input 1 UR824, input 2 UR824, etc…

Also have you tried setting the inputs up as mono instead of stereo.

Can you route audio via USB when using another audio interface besides the one in the motif? Wow…thought that was an asio limitation. Time for me to revisit my motif setup.