Need help - Dorico 4 (and 3.5): D.S. al Coda removes Shuffle

Hi everyone,

I have a strange effect here with Dorico: I’m transcribing a Blues to create a playalong for my daughter. In Play Options I’ve activated Medium Swing (8th). The whole piece is played in a wonderful shuffle rhythm until the D.S. al Coda mark is reached. Dorico jumps (correctly) to the Segno-symbol, but from now on everthing is played in straight 8th. Sounds horrible.
The document was created with Dorico 4, however, the same happens if I open the document with Dorico 3.5.

What’s my mistake?

Thanks in advance for your comments!

Cheers, Ralf

Could you possibly attach the project here, Ralf, so we can take a look? I’ve tried this out with a simple example created from scratch and it plays back as expected for me.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks so much for looking into it. The file is attached. Note: I haven’t completed transcribing the piece as I was not able to solve that sound issue.

At least on my computer it is sufficient to start the playback shortly before the D.S. al Coda mark (e.g. bar 32). Directly upon jumping to Segno Dorico switches from shuffle to straight.

Cold Coffee Blues.dorico (907.1 KB)

Well, it’s a bit of an odd one, Ralf, but it can be fixed! The problem is that the D.S. al Coda marker is at the wrong rhythmic position, and it’s throwing everything off. Select the D.S. al Coda marker and cut it to the clipboard, then select the first note of the coda, and paste. I know it might seem weird to paste it in at the same position as the start of the coda, but Dorico knows what to do, and it’ll position it properly before the mid-system gap. And then it will swing from start to finish!

Hi Daniel, I didn’t expect to receive a response today, or during the weekend at all - so I’m much more impressed that you presented the solution to my problem within less than an hour after I uploaded my file…! Thank you so much - it worked perfectly!

I hope you can enjoy your weekend soon! All the best, Ralf