Need Help exporting Audio Mixdown

I am having trouble exporting my song from Cubase 5 LE as a Wave file. After exporting, a Wave file is created based on the music I have recorded between my left and right locators. However, the created Wave file doesnt have any sound and when inserted back into Cubase it is clear that there is no audio content whatsoever in the mixdown.

I believe it has something to do with the Input/output buses or channel selection, though I have yet to come up with a solution.

Please let me know if you have any ideas.



Check that you dont have the monitor buttons selected before export also disable all record select buttons.

Question, what is the project comprised of? ie, audio, midi, vsti’s or what?

Hi, thanks for the reply Split.

I think that may have been part of it. One of the tracks had the record button enabled. So, I bypassed that and when I performed the mixdown it created a Wave file that worked…which is the good news. Unfortunately, the audio mixdown that I imported back into Cubase still doesnt have any audio in it. I want to bring the mixdown back into Cubase so that I can add a fade out to the whole song. This is all because I dont know how to add a fade to a VST instrument. Do you know how to do that?..

Also, the project is comrpised of 4 audio tracks and 1 VST instrument.

Import file should bring the wave file back into the project.

To do a fade, use automation, covered in detail in the manual, basically press the W button and wibble the fader, the wibbling will be recorded and when you deselect the W button cubase will play the fader wibbles back.

Obviously you will do a nice fade rather than a wibble :slight_smile:

Thanks Split. I will check that out.

interesting discussion… i’m thinking about how to be able to make a fadeout to the whole project (without exporting and importing again)…

what i did was a group channel, route all channels to this one and make a fade-out-automation on that channel.

but i dont know if this is the way this should be done. has someone other ideas?


Bomi :mrgreen:

Do the fade-out on the master fader directly…!?

StarlightMovement: Split said it right–use automation.



thx… i was searchig too far…


check out the result at

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